Social Contract

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The social contract is somewhat of a law. I feel like everyone is in the social contract because it is part of society. Some people dont wanna be botheres by any of this therefore not be part of any social contract. Therefore they should nnot recieve any benefits of the contract. But tis would not work because everyone has given the right to be part of a social contract and all rules apply to each individual equally. If someone did not give up these rights then if they commited a murder then they should get charged differently?… This is is why everyone is a part of this and should be.


Government Morality

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I believe that morality and goverment dont really correspond to each other for some reasons. The government is made up of hundreds of people. People speak of the governemtn like it is an object of some sort when in reality it is just a bunch of important people. the government cant really be immoral or moral because we give our rights to the government and it is the people who pretty mich decide who the government is. So how can they be moral or immoral when we the people gave out rights to them, and now we complain on how they run things? Over all i just find it amusing how people say that the government can be moral or immoral. As in kens blog he talked about the nazis and communism. was that considered immoral or no? If so then would that make the people immoral also? considering they are the ones who give their right up to them.

State of Nature

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For the most part i do agree with Hobbes state of nature theory. He talks about how a government of some sort is needed in a society. That being the reason so that there is control in a society. If there was no control there would be chaos. We would be at war with each other all the time. Even though we are at war now it is for many different reasons than society and human nature. There will allways be fighting, i believe it is part of our human nature to fight in some situations. But a government is deffinately needed.

Problems with Mill and Kant

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I believe that they both have equally the same amount of problems in their ideas. Any one can argue against their beliefs and the problems that go with it. For example, With Mill he beleives that an action is marally good if it increases overall happiness because he believes in utilitarianism. If you are donating to charity and and the money winds up going to a bad thing instead. Obviously the action was moral because you are donating to charity but it did not increase overall hap[piness because the mone wound up unkowingly to something else. In the exapmle of Kant, a murderer is looking for you grandmother and you obviously tell him she isnt home but she is. Lying is a bad thing to do but, only under some circumstances is it okay to lie because it will benefit others. But lying about everything all the time is immoral.

Kants theory on self love

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According to Kant it seems like for an action to be moral you have to do an action out of good will be unhappy in doing it. An action performed from self love is considered to be immoral because if you get any satisfaction out of it then there is some sort of self love. i dont entirely agree with Kants belief because i think that an action whether it is based on self love or not can be moral if the overall action is good. I can see it as being somewhat selfish if you do it out of just self love. But what do people do more…Take part in a moral action based on self love? or just because its the right thing to do?

Categorical Imperative

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According to kant its immoral to cheat on a test because if everyone did it obviously wouldnt work. A categorical imperative is the idea that something applies to everybody and no one is excluded. he believes that actions should be categorical imperative to increase morality and for it to be good. But cheating on a test is not so that would be considered immoral.

intrinsic value in happiness

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i feel thata there is no intrinsic value in happiness. To be happy you have to rely on something else. Happiness is not an independent feeling. To be happy you need a reason for it. I dont know anyone especially me who has been happy for no reason what so ever. Allthough there are some people who think they are happy for no reason but there is allways a reason behing happiness….wheather it be a nice day outside or going to the beach with a bunch of friends. People find happiness in different things.